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Rehabilitating coral reef project

Coral reefs are deteriorating worldwide despite increasing attempts for their conservation and rehabilitation. Under threat from overfishing, tourism and global warming, the coral reefs in the northern Gulf of Red sea, (situated in Jordan and Israel) are no exception.

Early studies showed it may take up to 80 years for artificial reefs to reach maximal coral coverage, and yet unusually high fish densities can develop quickly on isolated artificial reefs. The research, conducted by Professor Nadav Shashar, has raised hopes that this new technology may prove a useful tool in increasing local biodiversity, which could in turn help restore balance in damaged coral ecosystems and aid natural recovery.

I was commissioned to make 80 ball like sculptures to provide a safe protective homes for the fish. It is situated underneath the round trays of coral gardens shown in the simulation picture.

The sculptures are made from a heavy grogged stoneware fired to 1100 Celsius. 

After installing the ceramic fish homes, it was amazing to see the sea creatures relate to the homes:

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