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Ruth Hazi is an Israeli Artist, Designer and Maker who specializes in ceramics.  Born in Israel, studied drama at the new school N.Y.C. and History of Ancient Egyptian art at Baruch College N.Y.C 1980-1984

Ceramics studies at the U.A.F Fairbanks University of Alaska 1985-1989 


Ruth currently lives and works in Shaharut in the southern desert of Israel.  She established the ceramic arts studies at the Community center of the Eilot region (2005). She teaches and runs the community center studio as well as her own studio.


Ruth participates in local and international Ceramic symposiums and exhibitions. Her work present in galleries and personal collections worldwide.


Ruth Hazi ceramic sculptures respond to Nature.                                

Nature can be grand, chaotic, and delicate.

Its impulse nourishes a cyclical exchange between life and death.

Layers upon layers of organic shapes are her fascination.

Focusing on the hidden spaces with much curiosity as if she was reading between the lines. 

Ruth is especially inspired by the desert. Yet, her art reminds us of the underwater creatures and coral world.  Ruth offers us impermanence that invites us to retrace and remember, as she brings to life patterns and textures.

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