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Curriculum vitae

Ruth Hazi 

Born in Haifa, Israel

Freelance artist, making high temperature porcelain & stoneware sculptures.

Lives & works in Shaharut, southern Negev, Israel.

Member of CAAI



Baruch College, New York City

The New School for the Arts, New York City B.F.A. performing arts.


UAF-University of Alaska, Fairbanks, ceramic art department.


Kohila Wood firing Symposium Estonia July 2022

Representing Israel in Cultural export: presenting exhibitions abroad, running shows involving local community, sharing and exchanging ideas with international artists.

Sculpting and demonstrating the process.

Two Wood firings – participating in the process of firing.  

Social ceramic projects (2021)

"Where ceramics meets Marine Biology" Ceramic objects for research (2020).

Sculpting and making functional ceramics in my studio. 

Selling in galleries worldwide.

At present, teaching ceramic classes at Eilot Council community center of 15 villages, as well as sculpting at my own studio.

Lectures and workshops for professional ceramic artists and novice.

Leading world active ceramic tours.



Joined the gallery "8 in Jaffa" Tel Aviv, as a ceramic artist and Gallery member.



Rebuilt my studio using clay and straw as the building materials.



Joined the City of Eilat Museum Gallery.



Joined “Cherry Gallery” at the Ambassador Hotel, a gallery member, Eilat, Israel.



Joined “Southern Clay”, a group of ceramists working on group and individual projects.



Established and built the community ceramics studies studio at the Eilot Regional Council.



Built my own studio.

Exhibitions & Projects


July 2022

Sculpting three sculptures and exhibition at Kohila Symposium – Estonia.


December 2021

annual exhibition at Hapoalim Bank designed to raise awareness about violence against women led by "wings of krembo"


October - December 12th

Mino Japan competition honorable mention for work called: "Metamorphosis". 


November 2021

underwater permanent exhibition about raising awareness in violence against women, inspired by a painting of the late Maya Vishniak and called "The Waves of Maya"


October 2020

Made 80 sculptures for CORAL REEF research project led by Prof. Nadav, Shashar of Marine Biology and Biotechnology.  A research project that aims to rehabilitate and improve the coral reef in the RED SEA. Sculptures are made as protective homes for fish coexisting in coral environment.  


April - June 2020

Solo sculpture exhibition at the "Tribal Art and Culture" Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel.


March - May 2020

Resuming a project for the prestigious DESERT HOTEL "SHAHARUT – SIX SENSES" of 280 outdoor light designed to look like rocks.

February - March 2019

exhibition in Eilat art gallery "Eilat celebrating 70 years".


February 2019

solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv gallery: "8 in Jaffa".


January 2019

exhibition in Eilat gallery "under the sea"


August 2018

Exhibiting sculpture and functional ware at Abgunste manor.


June 2018

joined contemporary ceramic art gallery "8 in Jaffa" Jaffa, Tel Aviv.


May 2018

accepted among 700 artist to exhibit and sell for AIDS and BREAST CANCER awareness fund raising.


December 2017 - January 2018

Solo exhibition "Artist of the month"

At "8 in Jaffa" Tel Aviv Ceramic Art Gallery.



Exhibiting a year's project with our regional elders, called “Birds of Glee”
an exhibition of work by older people from all over Israel, on the theme of birds.

At the moment various works on commission, working on a solo exhibition at the gallery "8 in Jaffa" and teaching ceramic arts at the

Regional Council Art Center, Eilot Region.


January 2017 

Exhibition at Kan gallery Hevel Eilot, Israel 

Theme of: “Locally”.

Exhibition at Apter-Barrer Art center & Gallery, Ma’alot  

Tarshiha, Israel.

Theme: "homage"



"Israel Ceramic artists" association 20th symposium. Exhibition in the theme: “Homage" to the international ceramic artists, participating in the last 20 years.           

I chose to make a tribute to MR. Akira Satake.

Won the 2nd place prize.


Commission work, large scale: 10 light fixtures 1.5 meter long imbedded in a stone wall - for a boutique hotel being built in the desert.


In May, I created a project of traveling the world through ceramics. 

Guided the first trip to Slovenia for 10 days. An active workshop,
Participated in a "special firings" workshop at institute V-OGLIE (IAC/CAI members), Sencur, Slovenia.  Meeting the ceramics artist's guild of Slovenia, learning how ceramic study groups are formed, and visiting galleries of individual ceramic artists.


Uzice Exhibition Design Fine Arts Sculpting at Serbia.



Šenčur Museum – permanent collections of ceramics arts.


Ended a two-year project, nationwide, with all the elder centers in the

Country. Called "Flourishing in Age", the project involved 11,000 clay flowers planted in the grounds of the Erez Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, for a grand exhibition.


“A Personal Story”, Israel Ceramic Artists Association  

Symposium, Tel Hai, Israel.



“A tribute to a Vase”, Israel Ceramic Artists Association    

Symposium, Tel Hai, Israel.



“Container, Israel Ceramic Artists Association symposium, Tel Hai, Israel.



“Bowl”, Israel Ceramic Artists Association symposium, Tel Hai, Israel.



“A Vessel and a Stand”, exhibition at the Israel Ceramic Artists  

Association symposium, Tel Hai, Israel.


“Southern Clay”, an exhibition at Hankin Gallery, Holon, Israel.


“The Desert”, a regional exhibit portraying the desert with large

Vessels. Eilott Region, Israel.

Invited symposiums

July 2022

kohila Symposium – International Wood firing symposium.

May 2022

Umm El Fahem International residency – Israel.  Focus on peace through Art.

Working together Israeli and Palestinian artists at the Umm El Fahem Art Museum.  

Guest artist: Alisher Nazirov from Uzbekistan.



Abgunste – 2nd international symposium. 

Theme: "Clay Meal (world on the table).



Abgunste – 1st international symposium in the theme: "autumn light", Abgunste Latvia. 



21st International Fine Art Colony Of Ceramics "Zlakusa" Uzice Serbia. A village near the town of Užice, Serbia. Well-known for its high-quality ceramics, of authentic production technology and technique (use of potter’s wheel, with material made of local red clay and grained calcite, in proportion of 1:1, and using open fire on temperature 650 -750 C). This working method of Zlakusa potters is still surviving after 300 years.



10th international symposium v-oglije ceramic arts institute Šenčur, Slovenia.

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