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Raising awarness of violence against women

The Israel Diving Association asked me to prepare an underwater exhibit in the Red Sea.

When I understood the circumstances of the request, I was deeply moved. A mix of sadness on the one hand and dedication for an important cause on the other.

The essence of the project:

Creating an underwater exhibit to raise awareness in fighting violence against women. 

The sculptures are based on a painting by the late Maya Vishniak 


In 2020, 25 women were murdered in Israel, with the youngest being only 19 years old.

Among the women murdered in 2020 is the late Maya Vishniak,

a 21-year-old girl who was strangled to death by her partner on May 16th 2020.

Maya was a talented girl, a gifted student, a painter, a Jeweler, played a number of instruments,

dived and was full of dreams and plans that were cut short by a shocking murder.

After Maya's murder, friends and family decided to create an exhibit that would shout the cry of those whose voices are no longer heard and those who live daily under violence.

The exhibit was installed at Katzza Beach in Eilat, as part of a scientific experiment to encourage the settlement of species at sea and will be accessible for viewing by divers and swimmers.

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