This is a real jewl and is one of a kind that is in stock!

It is the size of a soccer ball. It can stand on it's own as a sculpture, or, as a planter.

It can be wonderful for many kinds of plants: Sucullents, Cactus and verious kinds of plants. For indoor it's very nice and easy to grow sucullents and cactuses for not needing much sun and water.

In shaping this ball. I used many techniques of using texture and add manganese oxide and a bit of ancient semi matt blue glaze to high light the texture.  Then hand build into a ball shape.

Inside the pot can vary upon request. 

Fired to high temperature.

I make my own glazes and they are all food safe.

size: aprox. 22cm/8.5" diameter  20cm/8" height.

Hand washing is always preferred for any handmade clay piece made of stoneware clay.

Glazes on the inside can vary: Brown, Blue, Green, Cream and more.

I thank you for "stopping by" to wach my art work and buying. I take a great deal of joy and care in creating each piece and it is custom made upon request,  please allow 4-6 weeks to create before shipping.

You are welcome to contact me for any question. I appreciate your patience. 

Planter Jewl