"Layered queen" is a one of a kind sculpture and it's in stock.

Technique: It starts from a ball shape, the size of a soccer ball.

I layer colors on slabs of clay, then, throw the colored slabs of clay on a flat surface and stretch the clay – causing the colors to break. I, then hand build into a ball shape, followed by layering the colors to achieve my end result.

This sculpture was made from chocolate and white stoneware clay.

glazed with light blue matt glaze on the bottom of the sculpture. Some bronze touches and clear matt glaze on the colored stripes. The dark clay is not glazed.

Fired to high temperature.

Size: aprox. 60cm/24" height 25cm/9.8" width.

I thank you for "stopping by" to wach my art work and buying.

I take a great deal of joy and care in creating each piece.

For custom orders, please contact, it may take longer then 8 weeks prior to shipping.

You are welcome to contact me for any question. I appreciate your patience.

Layered Queen