This Layered Vase is one of a kind and it is out of stock.

I layer colors on slabs of clay, then, throw the colored slabs of clay to the ground and stretch the clay – causing the colors to break. I, then cut unto stripes and hand build into a vase shape.

glazed with matt clear glaze on the outside of the pot.Oxides and matt clear glaze on the  Inside of the pot.  can vary upon request. 

Fired to high temperature.

I make my own glazes and they are all food safe.

size: aprox. 29cm/11.5" diameter  21cm/8.4" height.

Hand washing is always preferred for any handmade clay piece made of stoneware clay.

Glazes on the inside can vary: Brown, Blue, Green, Cream and more.

I thank you for "stopping by" to wach my art work and buying. I take a great deal of joy and care in creating each piece and it is custom made upon request,  please allow 4-6 weeks to create before shipping.

You are welcome to contact me for any question. I appreciate your patience. 

Large Layered Vase