Tumblers are one of a kind and special order only!  

Technique: I layer colors on slabs of clay, then, throw the olored slabs of clay on a flat surface and stretch the clay – causing the colors to break.  I, then assemble and glue all the parts and make the tumblers.

Glazes inside the tumbler can be a choice. 

Fired to 1220 celsious.

minimum order: 5 tumblers 

I make my own glazes and they are all food safe.

Size: aprox.: 12cm/4.11" Length and 7cm/2.8" Width.

Food, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Hand washing is always preferred for any handmade clay piece made of stoneware clay.

I thank you for "stopping by" to wach my art work and buying.

I take a great deal of joy and care in creating each piece and it is custom made upon request.

please allow 4-6 weeks to create before shipping.

You are welcome to contact me for any question.

I appreciate your patience.

Tumblers for cold & hot drinks