The first time I encountered clay was far away from my home in Israel.

It was in the magical land of Alaska.

There, during cold and dark winter days, I searched for an interesting  practice that would bring me joy. 

I found it clay.

The ancient art of ceramics found a warm place in my heart.

After 14 years of experiencing different cultures, I returned to Israel and settled in the desert.

For two years I researched the desert clay from different regions.

That led me to an encounter with ancient pottery from the time of the    Nabataean nomadic civilization(4th century BC–106 AD),              which connected me to the history of the region’s functional pottery.

 I derive Inspiration from the desert. I enjoy using local clay mined in the desert or materials that resemble textures and colors I experience in nature.

My partner and I were inspired to build our home using indigenous      stone, as our ancestors did.

Later on, we built our workshops: carpentry and ceramic, with mud    (clay, sand and straw).

Our home and workshops continue to give us inspiration and livelihood.




Artist Statement 



  After many years as a ceramicist, I started exploring new boundaries of clay by layering colors onto slabs of clay.

Throwing the colored slabs to the ground and stretching the clay. 

The layers of colors broke into fragments, illuminating the mysterious process of how texture forms in nature.

 Texture intrigues me in all facets of life: In nature, a peeling wall, old-age wrinkles, the cracks, the folds - they all create an outline of curiosity.

Hidden spaces invoke my curiosity, What happens when a sun ray touches them?


The desert is my home. all around me is a vast canvas of open space, barren, exposed and multi-layered.

Sometimes the colors are strong and prominent and sometimes hinted at.

A desert’s secrets do not reveal themselves easily.

Years of practice, using various techniques, learning about what the clay wants to become, listening to nature, living among different cultures as well as my own, have all culminated in my present work.

It is an inner journey I take when I choose to put hands in clay.